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In 2019, the National Health Council created a rubric to promote patient engagement and voice in the healthcare system. The rubric is divided into two sections and includes level-setting definitions. Section I: Meaningful Patient Engagement Processes and Section II: General Patient-Centeredness Considerations.

“The purpose of the National Health Council (NHC) Rubric to Capture the Patient Voice (Rubric) is to provide a tool the patient community or any other health care stakeholder can use to evaluate attributes of patient centeredness and to guide them on meaningful patient engagement throughout any activity they might undertake. It is broadly applicable and more general in scope as compared to prior patient-engagement rubrics. The Rubric is not intended to replace other patient engagement/centricity rubrics and guides that promote patient centricity in specific applications (e.g., the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance, which is intended to guide patient-centricity in medical product development).”

GistMD’s patient engagement modules, already in use in major hospitals around Israel, create personalized animations that depict the patient’s procedure. These animations are based on answers to survey questions the patient and their doctor input into the program. Gist’s proprietary technology seamlessly combines animated video segments into an interactive video on the planned procedure, needed preparation, and the recovery process. The video is individually tailored to the patient’s language, age-group, gender, planned procedure, pre-existing medical conditions, and to locally prevalent regulations and best practices. There is a sense of efficiency to the program while also preserving the empathic and caring nature one should use in approaching possibly uncomfortable medical procedures.