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The traditional paternalistic approach to medicine in which the patient has very little influence in decisions concerning his or her treatment is when the patient simply listens and does what the doctor recommends. The call for introducing the patient engagement approach to the medical system is changing the picture, and studies are proving the benefits. Patient involvement is essential to creating a positive and constructive patient experience.

“…patient engagement is an important component to creating a positive patient experience. Engaged patients tend to have a stronger attachment to the healthcare organization from which they receive care and experience greater value, trust and quality of care, which then leads to greater satisfaction and an improved patient experience.”

Some technological strategies used for patient engagement include patient portals, scheduling software, appointment reminders, prescription refills, online payments and billing statements, and access to health data – such as lab results and summaries.

Via: TechTarget

Based on the understanding that personalized patient education is a fundamental precondition for effective patient engagement, GistMD developed a platform that enables highly scalable production of personalized content, profoundly improving patient engagement and literacy levels.