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“As people age, it’s important for them to find meaning and purpose in their lives, especially if aging in place isn’t an option. Lockdowns during the early part of the pandemic made this difficult for older adults in senior care centers, many of whom were already struggling with loneliness and isolation.

The situation led many senior care leaders to search for engagement technology solutions. Like in many healthcare spaces, there is patient and resident demand for personalization and a digital-first approach.

Senior care and digital health leaders at the 2022 LeadingAge Annual Meeting + EXPO discussed how they have addressed the increased need for engagement and enrichment in aging services.” Via HealthTechMagazine

GistMD’s, a Tel Aviv-based start-up, personalized patient engagement platform provides a flexible framework for bridging communication gaps between patients and healthcare providers across the full spectrum of clinical and regulatory situations. The platform’s modular architecture and SaaS-based use model make it highly adaptable to varied parameters on the national, healthcare facility, patient routine, and individual patient levels.