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Patient activation is a term coined to understand the willingness and ability of a patient to take independent action to manage their health.

Presented at the Future of Preventive Medicine and Public Health medical conference

83bar was honored to be asked to present a case study of our decentralized clinical trial process at a recent international medical conference, Future of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, held in Berlin, Germany, and streamed live for a global audience.

We thought you would also like highlights of other topics that were shared. The other papers shed light on opportunities in the future for preventive medicine and public health that will improve the patient journey. And of course, it will be our role to help activate patients so they can take advantage of these innovations. Via 83bar

GistMD’s, a Tel Aviv-based start-up, personalized patient engagement platform provides a flexible framework for bridging communication gaps between patients and healthcare providers across the full spectrum of clinical and regulatory situations. The platform’s modular architecture and SaaS-based use model make it highly adaptable to varied parameters on the national, healthcare facility, patient routine, and individual patient levels.