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Falls among the elderly are a common phenomenon that can lead to hospitalizations and decreased independence. Fear of falling can also paralize individuals, stopping them from performing everyday activities. 

“Fear of falling (FOF) is defined as a concern about falling, and is accompanied by loss of balance, loss of confidence and avoidance of activities. FOF usually arises after a fall but can also present without a history of falls… FOF has been reported, ranging from 3% to as high as 85% of community-dwelling older fallers.“ Via ijhpr

To decrease the number of falls in the hospital setting GistMD launched the Personalized Fall Prevention module. Its goal is to significantly decrease falls during hospitalization. In-hospital falls are a painful, dangerous, and costly phenomenon. Unfortunately, they are all too common, often disabling previously independent elderly patients. Fortunately, many of the falls are preventable, if patients are made aware of the dangers and educated on basic precautions. That’s where GistMD comes in. The vast majority of patients who receive the personalized education products engage with their content.