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‘Today, there are more than 6,500 medical technology (MedTech) companies in the U.S., all dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry by developing new tools that result in improved patient diagnosis and treatment. Their impact has been significant; these innovative technologies have driven a 60% decrease in patient-days spent in hospital over the course of two decades.

With more Americans prioritizing their health and wellness and the healthcare industry in the midst of a digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, there’s more of a spotlight on MedTech and its role in improving health outcomes. As opportunities emerge to elevate patient care and outcomes through new technologies, it is important for companies to know what exactly patients are looking for and need. By tapping physicians early in the product development and marketing planning timeline, MedTech companies can better understand and meet the needs of the end user: the patients.” Via MedTechDive

GistMD’s, a Tel Aviv-based start-up, personalized patient engagement platform provides a flexible framework for bridging communication gaps between patients and healthcare providers across the full spectrum of clinical and regulatory situations. The platform’s modular architecture and SaaS-based use model make it highly adaptable to varied parameters on the national, healthcare facility, patient routine, and individual patient levels.