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In face of the global pandemic, since 2020 digital healthcare has grown in usage exponentially, shedding light to the many obstacles of providing patient-centered care through digitized methods. Digital health is here to stay, so incorporating methods that both lower care costs and embrace the patient-centered approach will be transformative to the future of healthcare.

“Healthcare is inherently human

During the pandemic, technology brought us connection at scale. Digital health apps answered questions, tracked biometrics and symptoms, and provided information. But healthcare delivery, at its core, is about providing care and building emotional connections that enable complex problem-solving. Apps cannot capture the nuance of a person’s life context or build an empathetic connection, both of which can provide clues to underlying or unexpressed health needs.” Via fiercehealthcare

GistMD, the Tel-Aviv based start-up, producing patient-centered modules whenever patients, anywhere in the world, need to obtain, read, understand and use healthcare information in order to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment, they will be empowered by Gist’s personalized tools.