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Trust, Knowledge, Regard, and loyalty are the four elements that make up effective doctor-patient relationships. These building blocks ensure that the patient receives appropriate care and that the doctor feels they can treat the patient properly and effectively. With these factors, any procedures the patient must undergo have a positive environment in which to run smoothly. Since going to the doctor is a generally unpleasant experience indicating that one is often unwell, the positive doctor-patient relationship can aid in soothing the relationship during an often emotionally distressing time. 

“Mr A, a 43-year-old man with a 20-year history of intravenous drug abuse (complicated by hepatitis C and recurrent abscesses), was admitted to the hospital for treatment of acute bacterial endocarditis. His inpatient medical team consulted the addictions consult/substance abuse team, who evaluated and enrolled him in an outpatient methadone clinic. Mr A noted that prior to this assessment he had never had a “decent” conversation about addiction treatment.” Via NCBI