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“Israel has about 100-120 companies dealing with women’s health – from medical devices to digital health pharma companies. The field is growing,” says Benny Zeevi, a pediatric cardiologist who is now managing general partner at venture capital firm Tel Aviv Venture Partners.

“Women are important – 50 percent of the population. Research and development in life sciences for women’s health is less than 1 percent than that of men. There is a real need,” he said during the two-day Women’s Health Innovations and Inventions Conference, held in Tel Aviv earlier this week. Via No Camels

The Tel Aviv based startup, GistMD, created a Epidural Anesthesia Module that empowers pregnant women with the information required to make informed decisions regarding epidural anesthesia use during labor. This is achieved using a personalized animated video that provides the pregnant woman with clear and concise information — on the procedure, on its risks, on common misinformation, and on alternatives — weeks ahead of her due date.