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Have you ever wondered how each culture impacts the way in which health care professionals provide patient-centered care? The deep-seated cultural beliefs belonging to every community, affect the relationship between health care providers and the individuals they treat, although this is often not discussed.

“Going into the procedure, I had known that the mechanics of Japan’s and America’s health systems were very different; most obviously, Japan has universal government health insurance. But living in Japan, I had begun to see that the differences in health care went deeper than questions of who pays the bills. It seemed to me that the divergence in the MRI protocol wasn’t random or isolated; it revealed some deep-seated but seldom-discussed cultural beliefs about the relationship between healthcare providers and the individuals they treat. The two systems have different strengths and pitfalls, with major ramifications for everyone who engages with health care – which is to say, everyone.” Via Science the Wire

GistMD, the Tel Aviv-based start up, has revolutionized the meaning of patient-centered care. Gist’s proprietary technology seamlessly combines animated video segments into an interactive video on the planned procedure, needed preparation, and the recovery process. The video is individually tailored to the patient’s language, age-group, gender, planned procedure, pre-existing medical conditions, and to locally prevalent regulations and best practices.