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Are you looking for an app that is centered in eye care with immediate access to medical resources? EyecareLive is an easy-to-use app that provides medical care simply through submitting recordings and pictures of your eye condition, then sent to a doctor who can give you medical advice within minutes.

“Eyecarelive connects you with your own eye doctor through the convenience of phone or video consults. Certain eye conditions can be serious. Whether you have Dry eye, red eyes, allergy eyes or question about contact lenses, you want to see your own eye care provider and not any unknown doctor who has no informations about your medical history. Eyecarelive connects you with your own doctor from the convenience of your home, work or anywhere you may be” Via EyecareLive

GistMD, a Tel Aviv based medical high-tech start up, has created a patient-centered module using a personalized animated video, the Intravitreal Injections Education Module effectively engages patients and encourages them to begin and complete their treatment course. In addition to bridging anxiety-inducing information gaps and providing personalized preparatory instructions, the Module taps into the power of empathy to improve engagement using a personalized simulation of the vision-affecting symptoms experienced by the patient.