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A systematic review of the literature evaluating the effectiveness of Medical Health technologies supporting colonoscopy preparation on patient and clinical outcomes.

“MHealth interventions included smartphone apps, SMS text messages, videos, camera apps, and a social media app. Outcomes were bowel cleanliness quality, user satisfaction, colonoscopy quality indicators, adherence to diet, and cancellation/no-show rates. MHealth interventions were associated with better bowel cleanliness scores on the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale and the Ottawa Bowel Preparation Scale, but they were not associated with rates of willingness to repeat the colonoscopy using the same regimen or cancellations/no-shows. Most studies showed that adequate bowel preparation, user satisfaction and adherence to diet were better in the intervention groups compared to the control groups, while inconsistent findings were observed for the colonoscopy quality indicators. All trials were at high risk of bias for lack of participant blinding. Visual inspection of a funnel plot revealed publication bias.” Via National Library of Medicine

 GistMD’s colonoscopy module uses a personalized animated video providing patients scheduled to undergo the procedure with personalized preparatory instructions in a clear and friendly manner. The Module is highly versatile, and is useful in the outpatient, inpatient and community care settings. In the outpatient setting, the Module is associated with a 30% reduction in rates of inadequate bowel preparation. A testimonial from a 72 year old patient who used the colonoscopy module, stated that the module helped her prepare and understand what to do and what would be in the test.